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Saint Paschal Baylon School (SPBS) provides on site academic support and short-term academic intervention for our students in Grades K-8 as needed/indicated through our school wide Resource Program. Classroom teachers and/or school parents refer students struggling to become proficient at grade level standards or those in need of help with organizational skills to this support program. SPBS employs an experienced and credentialed teacher, who works full-time four days each week at SPBS, to coordinate and provide student services through the SBPS Resource Program. In addition, a credentialed Junior High Math and Science teacher with a Masters Degree also works daily with our Junior High students, to provide upper level Math Resource.


The SPBS Resource Program is provided free of charge to our students who may be experiencing difficulty in academic subjects; study skills; and/or organizational skills: the cost is covered by the family's regular tuition payments. This program is included as part of our overall curriculum at SPBS for those children participating in this individualized, small group, short-term, support service at SPBS. This policy, set by the principal, therefore allows and encourages all students who would benefit from participating in our Resource Program to do so, regardless of the family's personal finances.


The main goal of the SPBS Resource Teachers is to enhance student achievement, and thereby decrease student frustration, while concurrently increasing student self-esteem and overall success at each grade level. The Resource Teachers use a variety of methods to achieve this goal, including: testing for reading fluency; assessing Kindergarteners’ emerging language art skills; assisting the classroom teacher, by providing reinforcement to classroom curriculum; working with small groups of students; providing one-on-one lessons; administering tests to students on inclusion plans; referring outside specialists to families by request; providing practical strategies to help increase organizational skills; and coordinating grade-level student study groups, to prepare for upcoming quizzes/exams.


Our SPBS Resource Program is designed to both function as a “stand alone program” and/or to work in conjunction with any additional outside professional support provided for our students by their parents.