Fundraising » Jog-a-thon


The annual Saint Paschal Baylon School (SPBS) Jogathan is one of our school’s most important fundraisers. The Jogathan takes place each year in early March, and it is a great way for parents to complete their Profit Dollar commitment - 85% of your child’s collected pledge money is applied to your family's Profit Dollars. Anyone can pledge a donation and help support SPBS!

Between mid-February and the day of the Jogathan in early March, our students obtain as many sponsors (individuals) who pledge a donation to individual SPBS students, faculty and/or staff. Donations are either based per-lap or a flat donation may be made. The donations are to be collected by the students at the time of the pledge., and then turned-in with the pledge

On the day of the Jogathan, our SPBS students participate on our school’s sports field. Students have fun running, jogging, and/or walking as many laps as they comfortably can during the allotted time frame, in order to earn pledge money. There is a specificly-designed course for younger students, and a longer course for our older students. 
Students earn prizes in each class, based on individual pledge amounts, number of laps run at the Jogathon, and/or participation by the entire class.

This great event has something for everyone: our students show off their athletic ability and have a lot of fun with the weekly pledge challenges; our SPBS parents can earn Volunteer Hours as well as earn Profit Dollars through their participation; SPBS raises much-needed funds to support our educational programs...Everybody wins!