Sports Program

The Following Team Sports Are Available at Saint Paschal Baylon School:

Flag Football - Volleyball - Cheerleading - Basketball - Cross Country - Softball - Swim Team - Golf

Flag Football, boys and girls Volleyball and Basketball, Cheerleading, and girls Softball are available to Saint Paschal Baylon School (SPBS) students in Grades 5-8. SPBS is a member of the Valley Catholic Sports League (VCSL), and as such our students and coaches participating on these VCSL teams follow the league's rules and standards for behavior. In addition to our VCSL teams at SPBS, Cross Country is available to students in Grades 3-8; the Swim Team is open to all students in Grades K-8; and our SPBS Golf team is available to students who exhibit a required skill level in that sport. All SPBS athletes are required to sign an "SPBS Athlete's Code of Conduct", and submit forms and fees prior to playing.
Athletics are an integral part of our school's total educational program, as we strive at SPBS to educate the "whole child". Volunteer team coaches are selected by the school administration, in collaboration with the SPBS Athletic Director. SPBS coaches adhere to ours and CYO's coaches' "Code of Conduct" and are required to: be fingerprinted by the school; attend an Archdiocesan-mandated VIRTUS class on "Protecting God's Children"; read and sign Archdiocesan "Boundary Guidelines"; and attend a CYO-sponsored workshop, "Play Like A Champion". Our school activities, curricular and extra-curricular - both in the classroom and on the playing field - are designed to be congruent with the Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) of Saint Paschal Baylon School. Athletics is an important part of our school's goal to "educate the whole child".

To promote school spirit and acknowledge the high achievement of our 23 SPBS athletic teams and hard-working student athletes, we celebrate monthly “Spirit Days” and a “Pep Rally” during each sports season (Fall, Winter and Spring), along with "Basketball Spirit Night", and a Sports Awards Banquet held in May. In addition, "A" teams comprised of 7th and 8th Grade students strive to earn a "League Championship Banner" for their team, which is then displayed inside our parish Hall in perpetuity.

After receipt of the required forms and fees, student athletes are issued team uniforms and SPBS red or navy polo shirts with our school logo, which are all  required to be returned at the close of each sports season. The student athletes wear their navy polo (Grades 5 and 6) or red polo (Grades 7 and 8) shirts to school in place of their regular white/grey SPBS uniform shirts on league game days throughout the school year as designated, in order to help identify our student athletes to other members of the student body. Team members are required to be in their full team uniform in order to play in a league game and/or complete on behalf of SPBS in a weekend sports tournament. Likewise, cheerleaders wear their SPBS cheer squad uniform to school on league game days, in lieu of their regulation SPBS uniforms.
Our school’s teams are called the “Bears”, and SPBS teams consistently earn both girls' and boys' League Championship titles and school championship banners!
Go Bears!!