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Saint Paschal Baylon School (SPBS) offers Accelerated Mathematics to students who meet the prescribed criteria in Grades Seven and Eight. Once admitted to the SPBS Accelerated Math Program, students are also required to maintain prescribed standards in order to remain in the course.
At SPBS the Accelerated Pre-Algebra (Seventh Grade) and Accelerated Algebra I (Eighth Grade) courses are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. In both SPBS Accelerated Math courses, students are challenged to develop their critical thinking skills and creative problem solving abilities. Each course is designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that students need for success in high school and beyond. Both Math text book series used in these courses are supported by a web-based assessment and learning system, including an on-line book, use of the classroom SmartBoard, one-to-one Ipad use, virtual manipulatives, eHelp, and on-line personal tutors. The SPBS Accelerated Math Program is coordinated and taught by our experienced credentialed Junior High Accelerated Math teacher. She holds a Masters Degree and has over 17 years of teaching experience.

Hands-on student activities during Accelerated Math classes include the following: Von’s Field Trips, Coordinate Sewing Unit, and Cooking with Fractions in Accelerated Pre-Algebra; and "Algebra on Fire – Hydraulics Unit", involving members of the Ventura County Fire Department in Algebra I. In addition, students participate in the annual "SPBS Junior High Math Night" and academic contests sponsored by local Catholic high schools.