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Saint Paschal Baylon School (SPBS) provides a California Core-based comprehensive, hands-on Art and Art Appreciation Program for all our students in Grades K-8, as we believe in the importance of educating the "whole child". Our school’s qualified and experienced full-time Art Teacher, in conjunction with the Junior High Art Teacher, coordinates and teaches this exciting program.

Our SPBS school wide Art Program focuses on building an appreciation and understanding of the importance of visual arts in all our students, beginning in Kindergarten and culminating in Eighth Grade. To achieve this, our SPBS Art Teacher utilizes many types of art media with the students, including: pastels, watercolor, collage, pencil sketching, tempera, acrylics and clay. Two important components of our SPBS Art Program are building self-confidence in each student, so they learn to trust their own inherent ability to create art, and increasing the student’s awareness of the impact of the visual arts in their own world.

Beginning in Kindergarten and extending through Second Grade, students explore the basic tools used to create art and develop an “art vocabulary”. SPBS students in the lower grades are introduced to cutting, painting, clay modeling, along with learning about the major artists and art periods throughout time around the world.

During Third through Fifth Grades, students are taught to develop their perceptual skills, as they use expanded art media to create unique works of art. These Intermediate Grade SPBS students are introduced to the concepts of perspective, value, gestural and contour drawing, as well as mixed-media productions.

During Sixth Grade, the first year of Junior High at SPBS, our Art Program focuses teaching students about the "Six Elements of Art". The Sixth Grade students create art using each of these six elements, and develop an appreciation of how these elements have been used in art masterpieces, from early Cave Paintings through the Ancient Empires, to Impressionism. A culminating field trip/tour of the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades provides our students with an opportunity to view many of these techniques in person.

During Seventh Grade, the "Principles of Art" are studied and explored by the SPBS students. Building upon the previous year’s focus on the "Six Elements of Art", art is created by our students with attention to the integration of all these tools. Seventh Grade students study artists from Impressionism through the Modern and Abstract periods. They create small sculptures, acrylic and watercolor paintings, and collages in the styles of the major artists from those periods. The year concludes with a field trip, including a self-guided tour, to the Getty Center in West Los Angeles.

During Eighth Grade, our graduating class will use their compiled and comprehensive visual arts knowledge to create more complex pieces. Our Eighth Graders explore Cubism, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, with an emphasis on the major American artists throughout these genres. Our SPBS Eighth Grade students go on a field trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), where a docent-led tour supports and enhances the year’s art program. Eighth Grade is the culmination of our nine-year SPBS Art Program. Therefore, the students each conclude their final year at SPBS by creating a culminating art project.