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The many complex components of proficient reading and writing support and are integral to all academic subject areas. Therefore, it is critical for students to be proficient in English Language Arts in order to succeed academically in academic subjects both now and later. The Saint Paschal Baylon School (SPBS) Junior High Accelerated Literature Program provides an intensive study of Literature utilizing higher level critical thinking skills, and complex writing projects. This program is designed to develop the analytical skills necessary for students to become highly proficient in English Language Arts as well as perform well in academic courses now and in the future—via small, discussion-based classes and utilization of the SPBS school wide writing program. Our highly-experienced SPBS Accelerated Literature and Junior High Language Teacher with 26 years of teaching experience, holds both a Masters in Education and a CA Teaching Credential.
Admission to the SPBS Junior High Accelerated Literature Program is offered to students who meet the prescribed criteria, in Grades Six (third Trimester only), Seven and Eight. Students are also required to perform at a prescribed level, in order to remain in the program.


During the SPBS Accelerated Literature Program, each grade level builds on the previous year and intensifies in both content and approach. The program is designed to challenge high-achieving students in Junior High, increase students’ abilities to think critically and write fluidly, while exceeding the requirements of the California Common Core State Standards. Rubrics are utilized as a guide to assessments throughout the program.


The SPBS teachers, in collaboration with the school administration, have worked hard to update our SPBS School Wide Writing Program, which is utilized in all our Accelerated Literature classes. SPBS Junior High students are taught to write using a customized version of the “Jane Schaffer Writing Program”. This prescriptive writing format requires students to: state a claim, provide textual evidence to support their claim, and provide an analysis of the textual evidence that displays higher level critical thinking, while using correct grammar and spelling. In addition, students are asked to read specified novels, in addition to covering the text book curriculum.


Saint Paschal Baylon School believes in educating the "whole child". As such we foster an appreciation for the fine arts in our students through field trips to attend live theatre performances. In addition, SPBS provides our Junior High students with the opportunity to learn about and perform in great works of different genres of literature, through the Accelerated Literature class fine arts productions presented annually to the student body.