SPBS Mission Statement


We believe that our mission as Catholic Educators in a changing world is to provide for the formation of the whole child, fostering spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and aesthetic growth by implementing the spirit of the document,"To Teach As Jesus Did".



School Philosophy


Saint Paschal Baylon School exists for the purpose of educating and encouraging Catholic students to be self-motivated learners who acknowledge the importance of intellectual growth as well as the necessity of becoming the best person they can be, maximizing the gifts and talents God has given them.


Chief among these gifts is the ability to make good choices. Therefore, in collaboration with parents who are the primary educators of their children, we accept our responsibility to help students make educated and positive decisions reflective of Gospel values.


We believe that an active relationship of the school with the families and the larger parish community is an integral part of forming our students for a positive role in society.


We are committed to providing a sound education involving an excellent, well-rounded academic curriculum containing the basics with an emphasis on creativity and experiential activities that will benefit our students both now and in their future.


As members of a Catholic elementary school community, the Faculty, Staff and Administration are also committed to providing opportunities for our students to assume their role in the our parish and world communities. We do this by striving to create a Christ-centered environment in our classes and by involving the students in liturgies, church services and service projects, in an ongoing effort to develop in them a strong concept of spreading the "Good News of Jesus Christ".



"A Year Celebrating The Choir of Angels..."