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Rewards Programs

Rewards Programs and SCRIP Gift Cards

Earn Profit Dollars and/or raise funds for Saint Paschal Baylon School, as you shop for groceries, dine at restaurants, and shop for the things you need...every time!

Purchase SCRIP gift cards through Saint Paschal Baylon School (SPBS), and help raise much-needed funds to support our school. The school purchases the gift cards at a discount and sells them to our school families for face value. When you purchase a $100 SCRIP gift card, you can use it to buy $100 worth of goods - you receive full value for your money. The value to the school in selling SCRIP gift cards is that the percentage discount is profit for the school to fund our programs, and the net proceeds are tabulated as Profit Dollars toward your family's annual requirement. A flyer is sent home each week in the Family Envelope listing SCRIP gift cards available to purchase through the school. When you return the flyer with your check, the gift cards will be sent home to you by Friday of that same week. You can also go directly to the website, create an account, and order SCRIP yourself from the complete selection of available stores.
Several of the major grocery stores have developed systems to make contributions to non-profit organizations like Saint Paschal Baylon School (SPBS). The key to utilizing their systems effectively is YOU - your participation is what makes these programs successful. Each program is a slightly different, so please take the time to learn a little bit about each of them.
All of the programs below generate money for our school, and the only cost is a few minutes of your time.


Ralphs Markets supports local schools (and especially SPBS!), when you enroll in their "Community Contribution Program". Once you have obtained a "Ralphs Club Card", simply bring the flyer available from the school office and/or the SPBS Accounts Manager to Ralphs the next time you shop there. Ask the cashier to scan in the back of the flyer when you check out. This will link your Ralphs Club Card with SPBS, and allow Ralphs to donate a percentage of your shopping total to SPBS every time you shop there! As Ralphs does not provide SPBS with individualized reports regarding the amount earned by each school family, we are unable to post Profit Dollars for your SPBS fundraising from Ralphs. However, to say "thank you" for enrolling, we provide each family with two Volunteer Hours annually, when you sign-up. Email our Accounts Manager at: to receive your Volunteer Hours. We appreciate your support of our school! 


Purchase SCRIP gift cards for use at these stores through the flyer sent home each week in the SPBS Family Envelope. You can ALWAYS earn up to 4% toward your Profit Dollars, when you purchase SCRIP (gift cards) through the school office. SCRIP gift cards purchased through the school office can also be reloaded right from your home computer - that way you will always have your SCRIP ready when you need to shop!  You can also go online to place your order at By using SCRIP gift cards purchased through SPBS, you are earning Profit Dollars as you shop for groceries, without spending anything extra! Use the SCRIP flyer each week to order your gift cards for your favorite market.

SPBS ID# L8D7E2F82L861
Now you can choose to purchase SCRIP gift cards online from over 500 stores and restaurants, including many online retailers.
Simply follow the three easy steps outlined below:
  1.   Create an account at and link with our SPBS enrollment code, L8D7E2F82L861
  2.   Make your selections (browse the list of stores online or download a PDF)
  3.   Print out your order and send it in to the school office with your check. You can also create a PrestoPay account to pay online.   
As always, your SCRIP gift card order will be sent home from the school office with your oldest student on Friday afternoon. 
Please call Mrs. Priscilla Harding, SPBS Accounts Manager/SCRIP Coordinator, with any questions at: 805-495-9340, ext. 127