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The SPBS Outreach Concern, Inc. Counseling Program

The SPBS Outreach Concern, Inc. On Site Counseling Program

SPBS On Site School Counseling Program and Pupil Personnel Services Summary:

In today's secular society in which children and adolescents may be exposed consistently to increased stress; very high expectations for achievement; sudden and/or dramatic changes in family situations; scenes of violence and a lack of moral values portrayed via the media; academic pressure to succeed; coupled with increased demands and expectations for effective communication, social, and problem-solving skills, the well-adjusted adult of tomorrow needs parental and teacher support and collaboration now, while still in elementary school. On site counselors and pupil personnel services are provided at SPBS by Outreach Concern, Inc. Monday through Thursday, in order to provide additional resources for collaboration with parents and teachers. This support system is designed to help our SPBS students in all grades better achieve success now, and also increase their later individual interpersonal, academic, and career potential in the future. 

Our Saint Paschal Baylon School (SPBS) on site school counseling program is an age-appropriate pupil personnel developmental and psychological support system, which is designed to address the specific individual and grade-level needs of each student.  Outreach Concern, Inc. school counselors are trained to recognize and attend to age-specific stages of student growth, as well as to identify unusual developmental symptoms, in conjunction with our SPBS teachers and parents.
Outreach Concern, Inc. was founded in 1994, and currently provides over 500,000 students and families in over 80 schools throughout Southern California access to a variety of pupil personnel services aimed at positively impacting each child’s academic performance. In addition, at various stages of their growth and maturation process, students experience differentiated needs and interests. SPBS Outreach Concern, Inc. counselors also work to address these changes and affect positive growth, through a collaborative partnership with parents, teachers, and administrators at SPBS.

SPBS teachers work hard to impart knowledge, provide faith formation, and manage their classrooms effectively, and our on site school counselors are often able to assist them in this process. At Saint Paschal Baylon School teachers, administrators, and counselors work together to help provide our students with an increased atmosphere of safety, trust, care, Catholic values, and positive regard. By forming these partnerships, SPBS is better able to foster enhanced academic, career, personal, and social development for both our school’s students across all grade levels.

Outreach Concern, Inc. provides a behavioral-based, short-term intervention program designed to provide additional support to our students in all grades, whose learning and academic success may be negatively impacted by emotional/behavioral factors such as, an inability to: manage emotions appropriately; resolve conflicts effectively; consistently meet grade level behavior, work habits, and/or academic standards; and/or engage in successful interpersonal relationships at school.

The overall goals of our school counseling program and the SPBS counselors’ on site activities are: to help students accomplish short and long-term academic/personal goals; to improve grades, attendance, and/or peer relationships; as well as to help decrease disruptive or counter-productive behaviors. Of course, all counseling services provided by Outreach Concern, Inc. are confidential; records are retained by the counselors; they are not part of the student’s school file.  Our counselors involve parents throughout the process; consult with the student’s teachers; and involve school administration when needed, in order to maintain a strong collaborative partnership, aimed at positively impacting the SPBS students’ performance and behavior.
We view it as a priority at SPBS to provide comprehensive pupil personnel and counseling services for our students in all grades. SPBS counselors are on campus from 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday (our two counselors alternate days). We encourage parents to refer your child to our counselors, should you feel that you and/or they may need additional insight or guidance at any time during their years at SPBS. Please also be assured, that the Outreach Concern, Inc. counseling program at SPBS is aligned with our Catholic faith, and that any advice or conflict resolution assistance provided by them is based on the example provided to us by Jesus Christ.

To make a referral to the SPBS Outreach Concern, Inc. counseling program during the school year please call the counselors directly at 495-9340, ext. 161; call the school office, and ask to leave a message for the counselors on their voice mail; and/or call or send a note through your child’s teacher.

Outreach Concern, Inc. provides a free 24-hour Crisis Hotline:                     1-800-4-CONCERN