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Magazine Drive

Magazine Drive

The SPBS Magazine Drive is the school's first large school wide fundraiser each fall. The purchase of magazine subscriptions and other items from the concurrent gift catalog count towards each family's annual Profit Dollars. The net money raised by this important fundraiser supports the school’s annual operating costs, which are not fully covered by our SPBS tuition and fees. 
SPBS Magazine Drive Coordinators 2017-2018
Mrs. Mary Pat Davoren
Mrs. Victoria Schuberg

Did you know?
You and your friends and family can renew magazine subscriptions online at any time during the year and benefit SPBS:
Simply visit Great American Magazines and log in under the SPBS Group ID# 1407360

Magazines ordered online will begin to be delivered soon after your order is placed. And the Profit Dollars generated will count toward the current school year's requirement. The school's Accounts Manager will tabulate your net Profit Dollars earned, and parents receive monthly statements with the total amount earned to date.